$200 Gift card from StubHub– Sweepstakes


Want to enter a contest that can give you a chance to win a $200 Gift card from StubHub – Sweepstakes? If yes, then take the Bacardi OAKHEART CHALLENGE to win a $200 StubHub gift card from Bacardi.

$200 Gift card from StubHub– Sweepstakes

To enter the contest:

  • You need to take the Bacardi OAKHEART CHALLENGE
  • After entering you will receive a confirmation email that contains one offer
  • You need to enter your date of birth in order to enter the website
  • The Bacardi OAKHEART CHALLENGE ends on 1st March, 2015.
  • You should be at least 21 years of age or above to enter their website
  • Fill the short form providing your basic details
  • You can get a chance to win their monthly StubHub giveaways and for the Grand prize which is of $10,000 in StubHubgiftcards
  • The first time users can redeem a special complementary Uber Ride with the code “OakHeartChallenge”

Bacardi is spicing up the things a bit by launching their new spiced rum called “OakHeart”. As a part of their promotional strategy, Bacardi is inviting all the rum lovers to take up the OakHeartChallenge. This challenge was initiated to gather all the rum drinkers and try the amazing and flavoured Bacardi spiced rum neat, over ice or whatever they prefer and let them know the response. That is why this OakHeartChallenge runs across the country.

If you also try this amazing Oakheart that too for free then act now and click on the link below:

$200 Gift card from StubHub – Sweepstakes


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One thought on “$200 Gift card from StubHub– Sweepstakes

  1. Nessa Balkanski

    Omg, those are some amazing giveaways! I can’t enter as I’m not 21 yet, but I will be sure to tell my mom to enter this amazing gift card giveaway contest. She also likes getting free stuff. I’ll just keep browsing your amazing site and find the perfect offer for me.

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