5 Free Tena Samples


Tena is giving away free 5 Tena product samples so if in any case you missed this offer you can avail this offer now.

5 Free Tena Samples

  • The free Tena products sample packs are still available so act now to grab them
  • In addition, if you have ordered them before there is no need to worry as you can request another sample pack too
  • The products included in the sample pack may vary
  • If you don’t have an email address you can call at 1-800-510-2601 to order your Tena sample pack
  • You need to answer two questions to grab a free Tena trial kit
  • Each kit is specifically made for men and women so that it suits to varied types of lifestyles

The 5 Free Tena Samples include:

  • Tena Wipes
  • Tena Wash (For caregivers and loved ones)
  • 3 Undergarments

Tena Wipes are made to keep your skin stay clean and moisturized. These flushable wipes can completely soothe your skin. So, whenever you change your incontinence product, you can get gentle care via these wipes that can help your sensitive skin to feel healthy

Tena is known as the worldwide leader in the incontinence products and is entirely dedicated to improvising the quality of the routine life of people who are dealing with the unexpected leak issues. With the Tena proven personal care system their products are made with fearless protection that will provide you advanced odour protection, instant absorption along with a peace of mind so that you can live without any fear.

So, if you also want to grab this amazing sample and get rid of the unexpected leakage click on the following link:

5 Free Tena Samples

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