5 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers


Instagram is gaining worldwide popularity these days. In just a matter of days its monthly active users have increased to 100 million. Aren’t you curious how a photo and video of certain people get so popular? Well, this depends on how many people see your content and share it.

5 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

If you are on Instagram and don’t have any followers then there is no point of being on a social network. But you will be happy to know that there are 5 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers that can make your post worldwide popular. What it takes is only a little bit of your time and effort.

The easiest 5 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers are:

  • Share Pictures that people can relate to: This is the first step regarding how to get more Instagram followers. If you check out the popular Instagram accounts you will notice that they follow one theme. All of their images have something that people can relate to. Either they are motivational or original piece of art or anything that people like. This way you can build better connection with your precious followers and will help you in becoming popular.
  • Timing: The timing is really important when you post to Instagram. Make sure you consider that at what time most of the audience will be live or active on Instagram. So basically you need to avoid the peak hours to post anything.
    Most of the people use Instagram either in the morning, on their way to home, after office hours or on holidays. You should post photos considering the time so that your post doesn’t get lost in newsfeed. So, its best post when the maximum audience is active on the site.
  • Use Relevant Hashtags: Out of many tips to get more followers on Instagram one is to use popular hashtags to get your posts in front of plethora of users. It is the best way to increase the visibility of your posts. You can also search the trending hashtags associated with your post. For instance the popular hashtags are:
    • #love
    • #cute
    • #tagsforlikes
    • #instagood
    • #tbt

Though hashtags constitute an important part in generating visibility of your posts but don’t go overboard in using them. Use it wisely so that people don’t think your post as a spam.

  • Follow People: You have to remember this simple rule of reciprocation. If you wish that people will follow you then you have to follow them. You need to like or comment on posts of other people too in order to stay active.

Seek for the popular brands and users that you are interested in and like their stuff. It simply means that the more active you will be on Instagram the more exposure you will get.

  • Organize Contests: This is the best way to engage the followers and to increase the count of your followers. Since Instagram is a widely popular social medium so you can run different contests just like a giveaway.

Create an interesting image and let people know about your contest. Don’t forget to tell people to use unique hashtag like #contest while applying for your contest so that it’s easy to find.

Above are the 5 Ways to Get More Instagram Followersthat can help you in promoting your posts or business.

Besides these tips you can also promote your posts by buying Instagram followers or you can take the help of the Instagram follower exchange sites in order to get more followers and likes on your posts.

Make sure you post regularly to increase your followers count.


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