Free Workshop for Kids

This freebie is organized by Home Depot exclusively for your little ones which consist of a Free Workshop for Kids. The Home Depot is offering a completely free Build a Picket Fence Photo Frame Workshop for kids This workshop is scheduled on 2nd May, 2015 on Saturday The free Build a Picket Fence Photo Frame […]

Free Applegate Half Time Lunch Kits

You can get Free Applegate Half Time Lunch Kits with this freebie. In order to grab this freebie you need to be a member of the Mom’s meet ambassador You need to have an invitation from the mom’s ambassadors in order to become its member The members who got selected for this great opportunity will […]

Coca-Cola NCAA Sweepstakes

Are you guys ready to be a part of the Coca-Cola NCAA Sweepstakes and win lots of prizes? You can enter in this contest twice a day in order to win the Coca-Cola NCAA Daily Prize Giveaway Sweepstakes They are offering more than 1,000 prizes This contest will end on 6th April, 2015 There is […]

Free Workshop for Kids at Home Depot

Do you have a kid? Well, you can take advantage of this great offer by registering for a Free Workshop for Kids at Home Depot. Home Depot is organizing a free Build Bookends Workshop for kids at Home Depot The workshop will be on Saturday, 7th March, 2015 The free workshop for kids will commence […]

Snickers Super Bowl Prizes

Guys, now you can enter daily for a chance to win the Snickers super bowl instant win game. You won’t believe they are giving away more than 100,000 prizes. This offer will end on 27th February, 2015. You can also enter in this contest by sending the message with the text SNICKERS to 87654. No […]

Free Event: Alien Logo Build

Once in month, the LEGO store provides your kids with a free in store build. Free Event: Alien Logo Build will be conducted on January 6th, 2015 and you will get a free sample LEGO Alien. This event is only for the children ages from 6 to 14 years so the kids who are under […]