Free 2015 Calendar from Morris Yachts


Take a look at your calendar and you might find that it is new calendar season. This free sample deal comes just in time for you to not be confused about what day it is when your current calendar ends when this month does. Head over to the Morris Yachts site linked below to get your free sample 2015 calendar.

Free 2015 Calendar from Morris Yachts

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In order to get your email, just, e-mail for a link: Get Free 2015 Calendar from Morris Yachts now. Don’t miss it. Get your calendar now.

About Morris Yachts

Tom Morris (1940-2008) launched Morris Yachts in 1972 and was joined by his son, Cuyler, in 1995. The life-long love of sailing for Tom and Cuyler has spanned 70 years. Tom, born in Philadelphia, extended a family tradition started in 1886 of summer vacations in Maine with his family, and at the age of 32 succumbed to his passion for sailing. The natural beauty of Mt. Desert Island, its down-east traditions, and a rich history of boat building were the perfect complement to his passion for sailing. Cuyler now runs Morris Yachts as the company’s President and Chief Development Officer.

Sailing in Maine refined Tom’s sense of what makes a good boat. He established several key objectives for building a “Maine” quality yacht, starting with proper engineering and design to provide weight savings and enhanced windward sailing performance in light air.


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