Free 2015 Catholic Calendar


You can make your everyday holy by filling the short form to request a Free 2015 Catholic Calendar. The heart of the nation is distributing it for free. It will take four to six weeks to reach at your doorstep.

Free 2015 Catholic Calendar

  • The heart of the nation has created three beautifully illustrated Catholic prayers for Thanks giving, Advent and Christmas as an early holiday gift to all the spiritual users.
  • Heart of the Nation produces and televises weekly Sunday Mass nationwide which provides compassionate spiritual care for Catholics who are unable to participate in holy Mass at a parish.

In addition to serving the homebound, “My Sunday Mass” reaches out to anyone who finds comfort in the prayers of the Mass.
So, in order to take the first step you need to click on the link below and request the calendar that will keep you connected to the God.Use the link below to get your freebie!

Free 2015 Catholic Calendar

For the faithful and spiritual users who can’t get to church because of the disabilities of age, illness or injury, lack of transportation, or several other struggles, “My Sunday Mass” program on TV and online offers a connection with the Lord Jesus and the community of faith. This program let them feel connected to the God just by sitting at their home only.

The periodical Prayer & Worship Guide, prayer cards and booklets, a yearly Catholic calendar, and online resources from Heart of the Nation invite Catholics from across the world to grow in faith and celebrate the love of the Lord every day. Their Prayer Corner features a prayer network and five other ways to pray.


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