Free $40 ZipCar Promo Codes


Zipcar is basically a kind of rental service that uses other people cars to get around. You can snag free $40 ZipCar Promo Codes to get a ZipCar.

Free $40 ZipCar Promo Codes

You can use all of these promotional codes:

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So, are you already a member? Then sign in to get redeem your gift. But if you are still not a member the join now and enter your gift code on your application to redeem your gift.

ZipCar is the world’s largest car sharing and car club service. It is an alternative to traditional car rental and car ownership. It is a car rental company in the United States, a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group. It provides automobile reservations to its members, billable by the hour or day. Zipcar members have to pay a monthly or annual membership fee in addition to car rental charges.

Members can easily reserve Zipcars online or by phone at any time, immediately or up to a year in advance. The members have automated access to Zipcarsthrough an access card which works with the car’s latest technology to unlock the door, where the keys are already located inside.

Zipcar also offers an iPhone or Android application for the smartphone users that allows members to honk the horn to locate a Zipcar and unlock the doors. Zipcar charges a one-time application fee, an annual fee, and a reservation charge.

So use the promo codes and get access to your gift. Click on the link below to get started:
Free $40 ZipCar Promo Codes


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