Free $5 Barnes & Noble Credit with Nook App


Good news for all the smartphones customers, you can get Free $5 Barnes & Noble Credit with Nook App.

Free $5 Barnes & Noble Credit with Nook App

  • All the new iOS and Android customers you need to register yourself with a account
  • Then you just need to download and login to the Nook App via your iOS or Android device
  • After that you will automatically receive a $5 credit to your Nook personal account
  • The $5 credit will be delivered to your account successfully within the period of two days after downloading the app and account registration
  • You must redeem this $5 credit before 02:59 A.M. Eastern Time (“ET”) on 7th April, 2015
  • This offer begins at 9:00 A.M. Eastern Time (“ET”) on 3rd March, 2015 and ends at 02:59 A.M. Eastern Time (“ET”) on 30th March, 2015
  • This offer is valid only for Android, iPhone or iPad devices
  • This offer is not valid at any of the Barnes & Noble bookstores
  • This deal is only available to the residents of United States

Barnes & Noble is one of the leading and biggest booksellers in the United States. It is a Fortune 500 company which has approx. 658 bookstores in almost 50 states. It is also the biggest retailer of content, educational products and the digital media in the country. It has around 714 college bookstores which serve more than five million students and over 250,000 faculty members across the country.

Barnes & Noble conduct its business via one of the biggest e-commerce web portal This web portal has over two million titles in the bookstore of Nook. Customers can conveniently buy plethora of digital books and can be read via Nook devices or by downloading the Nook app for free.

Nook app is the best reading app for your smartphone and tablets which features plethora of books, magazines, comics, kid’s books, newspapers and many more stuff to keep you occupied. You can even read the sample of any book or try any magazine risk free for the period of 14 days. Plus, you can read them on any devices be it tablets, e-Readers, iPad, Android or any Windows based devices as it is compatible with all.

Isn’t it great to read the books of your choice anywhere and at any time? So, what are you waiting for? Simply click on the link below to receive your free credit:

Free $5 Barnes & Noble Credit with Nook App

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