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Here is the chance to download the Premium Android app named “Escape through History” for free. The original price of this particular application is $0.99 but now is available free only for you. So, take the advantage of this opportunity which may not knock twice and include this amazing free android app in your list of applications on your Android device. Here’s a bit About This Fantasic app –

A mysterious time portal beacons you…Are you ready to step into it to journey through history?

The minimum requirement for using this app is android 2.2 version. It is developed by the Mobest Media. This app truly dedicated to the one who wants to sharpen their skills via brainstorming, puzzles or anything like that. It takes you to different situations in order to solve the mystery behind that puzzles.

free android app

All these features you can enjoy for free. Just click on the below link and get this app for free.
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In this application, a mysterious time portal beacons you. It asks you that are you ready to step into the mysterious journey through the history. It basically involves a good chase or quest to simply overcome the series of the epic events that you ever have experienced in your life. Its adventures and challenges will completely make you addicted to this application. You will simply get immersed in the vibrant and enticing locations that will span across the different eras and show your ability to weave your way out of them. Do you still think you haven’t found the correct application that will make your search end? Don’t be mistaken, once you are in, there will be no turning back.

This amazing free android app includes great features like wonderful puzzles, complex and tricky brainstorms, user friendly and easy to start, auto save function with exciting and constant updates.

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