Free Astroglide Skin Gel


You can get a Free Astroglide Skin Gel as the offer is available again. You can request a sample once a year only. The free samples of Astroglide personal lubricant includes the following list to choose from:

Free Astroglide Skin Gel

  • Astroglide Liquid:
  • Top selling formula
  • Washes off with water
  • Relives vaginal dryness
  • Astroglide X Silicone Liquid:
  • Premium silicone formula
  • Waterproof
  • Extremely long lasting
  • Astroglide Natural Liquid:
  • Water based, natural formula
  • Not made with glycerine or parabens
  • Relives vaginal dryness
  • Astroglide Gel:
  • Stay-put, super slick gel
  • Rinses off in water
  • Relives vaginal dryness
  • AstroglideSensitive Skin Gel:
  • Thick, ultra gentle formula
  • Relives vaginal dryness

Your sample will reach at your doorstep in a period of four to six weeks. You can see yourself that how people switched to their special formula for long-lasting pleasure and refreshing comfort. You just need to choose the product you would like to test drive and they will deliver a little something to your door.

Your information is safe with them. It will be used for mailing purposes only and will not be distributed to any third party organizations. You can request only one sample per household. Additionally, you must be 18 years of age to receive a sample.

As one of the world’s top-selling personal lubricants, Astroglide® creates smooth, long-lasting sexual experiences with our trade secret formula that provides the highest level of slipperiness and retains its lubricating property for hours. In order to use the best product for free click on the link to receive a free sample:

Free Astroglide Skin Gel


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  1. Mae Madrid

    Hey Samples mom, I got my free Astroglide skin gel and just wanted to say, you have so much great freebies here and I’ve told many of my friends about your website. Keep giving away free stuff!

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