Free BIC Samples


Here is a great free offer for you: Bic is giving out a $ 1 free printable coupons on purchase of just $0.97, to be used on any stationery product of Bic, at Wal-Mart stores.

Free BIC Samples

There are two deals available:

  • Buy one Bic White-Out for $0.97 and get a free $1 coupon to be used on any stationery product, and
  • Buy Bic Cristal 10 Pack Pens for $0.97 and get a free $1 coupon to be used on any stationery product.

How to avail the offer:

Just open this webpage and select your deal. You can choose both deals, only once, if you wish so. Once you select your deal, it will take you to a Facebook page, where you will see “Save Now”. Click it and you will be re-directed to another page where it says “Your coupon is ready to print” at the bottom of page. Just click ‘Download’ and it will ask your permission to ‘Run’ the ‘RevTraxPrintMyCoupon’ printing application on your computer. Once you allow and agree to the terms, the application will be installed on your system, and from there on, you can print your free coupon by clicking on ‘Print Now’ on the same Facebook page. This will automatically use the application installed and print the coupon. Take this Free Bic Sample coupon and get $1 off.

Why should you take the coupon?

Bic is the name of a famous French company, best known for making of ballpoint pens, though it also makes other consumable products such as razors, lighters and printed paper products. Their products are used in day-to-day life and can be consumed by you or anyone in your family and Free Bic Sample is a perfect saving for you.


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