Free Birthday Stuff – Get a free Sundae from Friendly’s


Do you have a BFF? If not, then do you want a BFF? Why not become a Best Friends of Friendly?

Free Birthday Stuff - Get a free Sundae from Friendly’s

  • Enjoy a celebrity treatment by becoming the BFF of friendly’s
  • You can get Free Birthday Stuff – Get a free Sundae from Friendly’sby just filling the brief form with your basic details
  • This offer is open only for the legal residents of the United States
  • You will also get 25% off when you visit again along with the gift that can make your birthday special and that is a free happy ending sundae
  • Plus you will be entitled to receive several special offers, discounts on your favourites at Friendly’s
  • You can also share your opinions with the super friendly friendly’s team about the things you would like to have in the menu, or can suggest a cool name for the particular desert at Friendly’s
  • You can also complete special surveys in order to share your ideas on plethora of interesting topics
  • Don’t forget to add to address book in order to receive delighting emails

Friendly’s is a widely popular restaurant chain on the United States East Coast. It was founded in Springfield by the brother Curtis Blake and S. Prestley Blake in the year 1935 and has around 10,000 employees.

Friendly’ is spread across Connecticut, Vermont, Florida, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina and Rhode Island.

Friendly’s is popular because of its ice cream and offers 22 delicious ice cream flavours. Its plethora of ice cream desert options consists of:

  • Fribble Shakes
  • Ice Cream Sodas
  • Sundaes
  • Root Beer Floats
  • Friend-Z
  • Double Thick Milkshakes

It also offers several take home options which include:

  • Ice Cream Rolls
  • Ice Cream Cakes
  • Sundaes-to-go
  • Cartons of Ice Cream
  • Ice Cream pizzas

Though Friendly’s is popular because of its delicious ice cream flavours but it also provides breakfast, lunch and dinner that consists of items like French fries, sandwiches, wraps, hamburgers and a lot more. So you can visit there with your friends and family in order to enjoy the best time of your lives and to create great memories that you can cherish forever.

They will make you happy with their exciting offers and to make your birthday special with the sweetest gift. So, click on the link below to become a BFF of friendly’s and enjoy your treat:

Free Birthday Stuff – Get a free Sundae from Friendly’s

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