Free Body Care Samples


You can get free archipelago product samples by sending your request to with the word “Sample” in the subject line. There is a limit of five samples per contestant.

Free Body Care Samples

If you want to try the samples of their hand crèmes or small scented wax samples of our candle and diffuser fragrances, please send your request to this email address: by including the “sample” word in the subject line. You can get maximum five samples per customer. It will take around five to seven business days to reach Free Body Care Samples at your doorstep.

Currently, ships only to United States (including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico) and to Canada. You can also track your order progress by going to “my account” and then clicking on “order history”. Once an order has shipped, its status will alter from processing to complete. And then you can click on the track shipment to get your tracking number and check the status of your order.

You can also find samples of their products with their leading retailers, spas and department stores throughout the North America. To claim your free samples and use their amazing products click on the link below:

Free Body Care Samples

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