Free Can of Tasty Treasures Friskies


Do you want a Free Can of Tasty Treasures Friskies? Well, you have come at the right place.

Free Can of Tasty Treasures Friskies

  • This freebie can get you a free 5.5oz can of Friskies tasty treasures accented with real bacon
  • You just need to fill the brief form with your basic details followed by your mailing address
  • After filling the form you will receive good for one very fulfilling of free can of Friskies Tasty Treasures Accented with Real Bacon
  • You free coupon will arrive at your doorsteps within a period of six to eight weeks
  • This amazing offer will begin at 12:00 noon Eastern Time (“ET”) on 11th March, 2015 and expire at 11:59:59 A.M. ET on 08th May, 2015 or while supplies last
  • This offer is open only for the legal residents of the United States
  • There is a limit of one coupon per entry per household
  • You don’t need to purchase anything in order to be a part of this game
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to qualify for this contest

In order to enter into the Purina Friskies Tasty Treasures with accents of bacon: to win bacon for the entire year sweepstakes you can do either of the following:

  • You can create your own meme by using the meme generator. Once you have finished creating your meme, you need to share this meme with your friends via the social networking platforms on Twitter or Instagram by using the hashtag #CatDreamsComeTrue
  • The second way to enter in this contest is to share an image of your own cat or a photo of a cat by taking permission from its owner to use on social networking platforms like Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag#CatDreamsComeTrue
  • The third and the last way is to fill out the form to grab the free coupon which is already explained above
  • The image must be of cat only, no other animals photo will be considered in this contest
  • Each contestant must represent an original photo of their cat that has been legally created
  • The winners will be selected on or about 15th May, 2015
  • The potential winners will either be notified via email address or a direct tweet to their Twitter account

So, are you ready to make you cat happy by gifting them a can of Friskies which is accented with real bacon? Click on the below link to participate:

Free Can of Tasty Treasures Friskies

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