Free Colgate Kit for Teachers


Welcome to the Colgate bright smiles, bright futures oral health education program. If you are new to the Colgate bright smiles, bright futures and are interested to receive an oral health program in February 2015, hurry and sign up before this offers expires and you lose this Free Colgate Kit for Teachers.

 Free Colgate Kit for Teachers

And if you ordered this kit in 2014 don’t worry as you don’t need to reorder. You can however update your contact information if needed.


Colgate helps the children learn the healthy habits which can bring a bright smile on their face and a bright future. This program consists of amazing classrooms and dental offices which are equipped with additional settings where the children get the perfect ambiance so that they can easily learn about the healthy brushing habits.

The downloaded materials and the activities are designed in such a way that the both the teachers and the dental professionals can easily help educate the kids about keeping their smiles bright forever.Moreover, there are few games too that will not only adds fun but also educate your child with the healthy habits.

Colgate is appreciating the efforts of the teachers by gifting them the free Colgate kit. Click on the below link to claim the kit:

Free Colgate Kit for Teachers

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