Free Comic Books and DVDs


Do you like Free Comic Books and DVDs? If yes, then what are you waiting for?

Free Comic Books and DVDs

  • Careers in Welding is giving away a free comic book, DVD and magazine to the visitors
  • To grab this offer you need to fill in the brief form describing the basic details in order to receive your free items
  • You can even specify the number of copies you want for each of the item
  • The company name is mandatory to receive free items of this offer
  • The offer is available only till supplies last so you have to act instantly to grab this deal
  • This offer is perfect for someone who is thinking about taking welding as a career or someone who has a career as a welder

There are four options provided in the form and you will get each of the items as per your preferences. The options include:

  • The Magazine
  • The Comic Book
  • The Cool Careers DVD
  • The Students in Welding DVD

Before each category you have to specify the number of copies you want per item.

The careers in welding is a web portal that is entirely dedicated for the people who are welders, instructors and for the ones who would like to pursue their career in the field of welding.Educators will have the chance to grab the latest resources from the Weld-Ed Center. In addition, Counsellors will get amazing tips along with teachers on how to guide students towards the welding careers.

As a student you will get plethora of information and resources that can help you so that you can select the most promising path as a career into welding. So, if you want all this information and want to know more about welding then this sample is perfect for you. Click on the link below:

Free Comic Booksand DVDs


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One thought on “Free Comic Books and DVDs

  1. Jane

    I would definitely recommend this freebie to my friend as he is studying about welding. Careers in welding is doing a great thing by offering free comics and DVDs to enhance the welding skills of the students.

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