Free Copy of Car Care Guide


Everybody can buy a car but it’s the maintenance that decides its durability. So, do you have sound knowledge about how to take care of your car? If no, then this deal is perfect for you.

Free Copy of Car Care Guide

  • The Free Copy of Car Care Guide will keep your car in a good condition and minimizes your visits to a garage or shop.
  • To request a free print version copy of the car care guide you need to fill in the form by providing your name and mailing address
  • This sample is valid for United States residents only

The car care guide consists of twenty pages of new materials for the car owners and is available for absolutely free. You can have the guide either electronically or via printed copy. The car care guide is available in two languages namely, English and Spanish.

The new topics that are included in the guide consist of an awareness regarding the environment, alternative fuels, the telematics of vehicle and the careers in the auto care industry. It also includes the 12 major component groups that are within your vehicle along with several recommendations and much more.

They have also started the campaign known as “Be car care aware” program which is basically initiated to educate the people about the importance of regular vehicle care, repair and maintenance. Further, it is also designed to provide the useful info from all the segments of the automotive industry so that you can take best care of your vehicle and thus making it more durable.

So, are you ready to know about how to keep your vehicle safe and maintained for a longer time? Click below:

Free Copy of Car Care Guide


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  1. Jane Wellborn

    This is perfect gift for my husband. He just loves his new car and was looking for something like this. I have already entered all the information required, now waiting for the free copy to arrive.

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