Free Cord Blood Banking


Cord Blood Registry (CBR) is giving you the chance to avail Free Cord Blood Banking and save $400 on Cord Blood Banking. The offer will save your baby’s stem cells for absolutely FREE and will be used to improve lives and health of others.

Free Cord Blood Banking

To avail this offer, visit the webpage

and fill out details of yourself and your upcoming baby, such as:

  1. First Name;
  2. Last Name;
  3. Phone;
  4. Email Address;
  5. Zip Code;
  6. Relationship to Baby;
  7. Expected Due Date;
  8. How did you hear about CBR; and
  9. Current Healthcare Plan

Once you have entered all the above information, click ‘Submit’.

A CBR specialist will call you to respond to your questions, if you have any. Also, he will guide you in making the choice of whether you choose a private bank or donate publicly the stem cells of your baby. Be assured that the guidance you receive from the representative would be indeed helpful in making up your mind.

What is Cord Blood Registry (CBR)?

CBR is the one of the world’s leading newborn stem cell bank that ensures that your baby’s stem cells are used effectively to save and improve lives. They operate high quality processes for collection, shipping and storage of these cells, which means that your baby is taken care of in just the perfect way.

The process is simple, safe and painless. The specific kit used by CBR contains the world’s only collection device designed specifically for cord blood stem cells. So, take your baby to CBR and participate in the process of saving your baby’s stem cells.


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