Free Dog Food Sample from Powder4Paws


Have you heard about dogs eating carrots? If no, then you should know that carrots are considered great for dogs and in fact they love eating it.

Free Dog Food Sample from Powder4Paws

  • With this freebie you can get Free Dog Food Sample from Powder4Paws
  • To get a free sample fill the brief form with your name and mailing address
  • There is a limit of one sample each household
  • “California Carrots” is considered as one of the greatest food for all breeds and your dog will simply love it

The carrots which you will get as a sample were grown and harvested in the United States of America. They are non GMO which means that they are not modified genetically. Moreover, they are not only good for human beings but also work great for pets.

  • The California carrots are one of the best food supplements for all breeds.
  • They are absolutely dehydrated carrots
  • They are extremely rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals along with pro vitamin A carotenes
  • The entire process is executed in US, starting from growing, harvesting to packaging
  • It actually is far better than other food types of dog whether it is canned, raw or kibble
  • Consuming these carrots will cure and stop dog diarrhea
  • Carrots consists of the distilled oils which will help to fight the worms
  • It provides your pet darker and richer coat pigment
  • As they are extremely rich in minerals and vitamins that is why they are considered great for maintain the gastro health of your dog and prevent other diseases too

So, are you ready to provide nutritional supplement to your favourite dog? If yes, then click on the link below:

Free Dog Food Sample from Powder4Paws


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2 thoughts on “Free Dog Food Sample from Powder4Paws

  1. Maria Connor

    Oh yes! My dog loves this! I always use this company’s dog food, I really wanna get some samples, is this offer still going on? Thanks.

  2. Mary Cody

    I’ve heard that this company is producing some fine dog food but my dog is kinda picky when it comes to his food choices so I had to have a sample. After getting this free sample I must say, my dog prefers this food over any other, so thanks for the sample.

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