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Free Emergen C Samples Giveaway

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Get a free Emergen-C Sample Pack Here -This offer is still available if you missed this, but if you requested a sample from them before, you may need to use a different email address. You can also request a free Emergen-C Sample Pack Here on their Facebook page. Get Free Emergen C Samples Giveaway now.

About Emergen C

Alacer Corp. was founded in 1972 with a focus on vitamin C, complemented by minerals and B vitamins. This vitamin C focus led the company to collaborate in its early days with global vitamin C experts, including extensive consultation with Nobel laureate and vitamin C advocate Linus Pauling.At its inception, the organization was a pioneer in creating products for distribution in the evolving health and natural products retail market. Alacer’s products were among the first supplements that many natural products distributors and retailers carried and supported.

In 1978, Alacer introduced the Emergen-C effervescent powdered vitamin supplement drink mix as the “champagne of nutritional drinks.” The good tasting, fizzy drink mix featured 1,000 mg of vitamin C, B vitamins and electrolytes, which became Alacer’s signature formulation. The novel delivery system for vitamins and nutrients soon had a loyal following who found Emergen-C to be the fast, fun way to support their health and energy.


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