Free EPIX HD Trial


Are you a movie freak who wishes to sit back on the comfort of your couch and watch High Definition movies online? Here is the perfect freebie for you: EPIX is offering a Free EPIX HD Trial of the movies. “Offer valid only for US Residents”.

Free EPIX HD Trial

You can access to watch any movie of EPIX HD and though the movie itself won’t change ever, but the way you watch it will certainly transform if you use EPIX HD.


Key benefits of this offer include:

  • No credit card details required
  • No other personal information required
  • Only your email and cable provider information required.

Note: You can still avail the offer if you don’t have a cable provider. Just select ‘Other’ in the cable provider slot.

How to avail the offer:

All you need to do is sign-up for the free trial by visiting the and signing up by following the instructions provided on the webpage.

What is EPIX?

EPIX is the name of American hybrid premium cable and satellite television network, also operating a subscription video on demand service that is operated by Studio 3 Partners LLC, a joint venture of Viacom, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Lions Gate Entertainment.

In short, EPIX is a:

  1. Cable TV Channel;
  2. VOD Service; and
  3. Web-site with movies.

You can search for the movies on their website by the following categories: a) Most Popular, b) Recently Added, c) By Genre, d) Movie A-Z.

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