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First, visit this page, fill out the form and take the Skin First Pledge for your free sample of Eucerin. Get free Eucerin Samples now. Don’t waste your time. Have one now and give your skin a new fresh life. Your body and your skin deserve better products.

Free Eucerin Samples

About Eucerin

Eucerin is a trademarked brand of Beiersdorf AG. (See patent below) In addition to body and face care products, Eucerin offers sun protectant and cleansing products.In 1900, Dr. Isaac Lifschuetz manufactured a perishable and sleek ointment base consisting of Eucerit and Emulgator, naming it Eucerin.Two years later in 1902 Lifschuetz achieved the patent for his manufacture in Germany.

Eucerin Patent, 19021911 Dr. Troplowitz, company founder of Beiersdorf AG, bought the patent and a few years later the first Eucerin products (iodine creme, loose powder and a soap bar) were introduced on the German market.

In the 1980s the brand was launched by Beiersdorf affiliates globally, including the USA. Since 1996 the brand also offers facial care products.

Eucerin provides gentle, effective skin care that dermatologists trust. With a full line of clinically proven products for cleansing, moisturizing, healing and protection, you’re sure to find products that are just right for you and your family.


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