Free Excedrin Samples At Rite Aid


Rite Aid is having a sale on¬†Excedrin mild headache – 30ct for $3.99 only. Here’s how you get it for free –

  • When you purchase one for $2.99, you get $1-up reward (Maximum ¬†2).
  • You can use $2 Excedrin coupon.
  • Also, use this $1.50 Excedrin coupon code
  • This makes your Excedrin mild headache free ($1 reward + $2 coupon + $1.50 coupon) .

This in-store offer starts 14th December.

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One thought on “Free Excedrin Samples At Rite Aid

  1. dave

    my and my bro usually use excedrin if we have a headache or something. thats my favorite painkiller. It would be great if I could have it for free!

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