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FiberOne Is Giving away freebie cookies!
To get the free Fiber One Chocolate Chip Crunchy Cookie for Pillsbury Members check your email Pillsbury will send you newsletter which will contain a unique link that you will need to click on to get this offer. This is for the first 10,000 people who have been members as of yesterday can get it.

free cookies samples

Grab Your Freebie Here
Visit This page and get your sample & Receive your Free Fiber One Cookie Samples.

Please Note, to get the sample you’ll have to click the unique link from your email newsletter to get the Free Fiber One Chocolate Chip Crunchy Cookie

Email from: Pillsbury titled NEW Apple Cinnamon Bubble-Up Bake + 5 Make-Ahead Egg Bakes‏

First come, first served, hurry, limited quantities! Pillsbury members only: This is an exclusive member benefit for Pillsbury members* and is valid until the free samples run out.

About Fiber One

Dietary fiber is the part of plant-based foods your body doesn’t digest and diets high in fiber provide several health benefits including aiding regularity, weight management and even reducing the risks of certain diseases.There are two types of dietary fiber used in the labeling of food products – both are important for good health.

Insoluble fiber is considered to be the “gut-healthy fiber” because it keeps the digestive system running smoothly and promotes regularity. It adds bulk, helping move food through the digestive tract, and can be found in whole grain products such as whole wheat bread, cereals made with whole grain and vegetables.


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