Free Gift Cards – Domino Pizza


Are you a pizza lover? Do you want to indulge in the hot and spicy taste of pizza, and that too for free? Dominos is giving out over 50,000 Free Gift Cards with a total value of $150,000.

Free Gift Cards – Domino Pizza


This offer will start anytime soon (around 24 December 2014) and is limited only to the first 200,000 applicants, so hurry up and get your ‘Free Gift Cards Domino Pizza’ by following the below instructions:

  • Visit this link and click ‘I Want In’.
  • Read the simple instructions on the next page. Click ‘Okay cool, I got it’.
  • Log in either through Facebook or your Email ID.
  • Next, enter your name, password and cell number.
  • Entering your cell number will prompt you when the promotion goes live.

What are the products offered?

Dominos is the famous name for pizza, all around the world, famous for their delicious, mouth watering and tasty pizzas, available in different sizes.

All rewards being offered are in the form of electronic gift cards and can also be combined with any other Domino’s offers. Have a look at the amazing offers below:

  1. Fastest Person Scores “Free Pizza For a Year”;
  2. 2nd fastest scores $100;
  3. 3rd fastest scored $50;
  4. 4th fastest scores $10; and
  5. All others, up to $2, until the 50,000th fastest person.

So, grab your Free Gift Cards Domino Pizza and indulge in world of taste.


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