Free GQ Magazine Subscriptions


If you are a men and looking for comprehensive guide to beauty, women, entertainment, culture and news, this offer is just the right one for you: ‘Rewards Gold’ is offering a ‘Free GQ Magazine Subscription’ for one year, by only filling out an online form.

Free GQ Magazine Subscriptions


Follow the steps below and get Free GQ Magazine Subscription:

  1. First and Last Name;
  2. Street Address, City, State and Zip Code;
  • Email Address;
  1. Date of Birth and Gender;
  2. Occupation;
  3. Education Level;
  • Marital Status; and
  • No. of hours you spend on internet per day.
  • You will also have to refer this offer to a friend using the section on the bottom of the page.

This will give you 250 extra points.

Note: You can also opt to receive other offers from Rewards Gold.

  • On the next page, fill out the survey form that will ask you questions related to your cell phone services. This will give you 500 extra points.
  • Once done with the survey, confirm your personal details on the next page and tick the box where it says ‘a 1-year subscription to GQ magazine’. No credit card details are required.
  • Once this process is complete, you can expect to receive your magazine in 8-10 weeks.

What is GQ and what are the magazines about?

GQ is an established name as being the source for the best in men’s fashion and style, beautiful women, culture, photography, news, politics and a lot more.

So, grab this freebie and start living your life stylishly.


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