Free Graffiti Mats Giveaway


Want to try Graffiti Mats? If yes, then this freebie can get you Graffiti mats for absolutely free.

Free Graffiti Mats Giveaway

  • Get Free Graffiti Mats Giveaway by just filling the brief form.
  • The free samples will be delivered to you via US mail
  • The offer is valid till supplies last
  • You will be provided sample size of 2”x 3” in order to show you the product in terms of texture, weight and finish

Graffiti mats are famous for their spontaneously designing capability. It is basically a floor covering which are considered perfect for the wooden floors and you can use them in your kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms or living areas. Graffiti mats are designed by using a free hand layering of cut fabric pieces on a canvas base. And in between each of the layer you will find commercial grade flexible glue.

After the successful completion of the design and drawing, the mat is then coated with the blend of finishes to provide a perfect look. The five layers on the front along with the five layers on the back are perfectly finished in order to seal the entire fabric. This solid sealing gives graffiti mats a durable and cleanable surface.

They are perfectly durable in cases of heavy traffic and the best part of it is that you can easily clean them with just a cloth or damp mop. Their non- absorbent nature will totally protect your flooring underneath. You can even customize them according to your preference in terms of size, color or even shape. Isn’t it great?

So, are you giving it a try for free? Click on the link below to claim this opportunity:

Free Graffiti Mats Giveaway

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One thought on “Free Graffiti Mats Giveaway

  1. Angela

    It is definitely worth a try. I didn’t know about graffiti mats earlier but after reading this offer I requested a sample for my home and found it really amazing. Greatly recommended.

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