Free Graffiti Mats


Do you have Graffiti mats at your home? Or do you want to use graffiti mats for free?

Free Graffiti Mats

  • Well, you can get Free Graffiti Mats as a sample
  • You just need to complete the short form by providing your details and submit the same
  • The free samples are sent at your doorstep via US Mail

For all those, who still don’t know what graffiti mats, are; they are called graffiti mats because their designs are quite spontaneous. It is basically a type of layering of free hand cut fabric pieces designed onto a canvas base. It consists of numerous layers and each layer is connected with commercial grade flexible glue.

Once the design and the drawing will get complete, the mat is then coated with the absolute blend of floor finishes. For instance, the front five layers and the back five layers are required to combine in order to seal the entire fabric. Thus, the result is a perfect, durable and cleanable surface. You can also order for floor cloths, table mats or desk blotters; depending upon your preferences and needs.

You can totally customize your mats by providing them the exact colour you want for your product along with the size. They basically manufacture two types of floor cloths. One of which is suitable for 3’x5’ size and other are for the smaller sizes. So, if you want a floor cloth which is larger than 3’x5’ size then it is strongly recommended to opt for a painted floor cloth.

No matter what your preferences are, you will get it in a customized manner. Before ordering graffiti mats why not grab a sample which is free of cost? Click below:

Free Graffiti Mats


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One thought on “Free Graffiti Mats

  1. Nicole Hall

    Usually I never try out these free stuff sites as I think most of them are fakes, but I’ve heard Samplesmom is truly giving away free stuff so I had to try it and hey I needed free graffiti mat so it was a win-win. Got mine mat delivered today, so happy.

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