Free Holiday Book Kit from National Geographic


Are you a Mom Meet Ambassador? If yes, then you perfectly qualify to receive a Holiday Book Boutique kit for free. This sampling is only available to Mom Ambassadors by invitation. Then Mom Ambassadors are chosen to sample this product will receive a free holiday book boutique kit including seven National Geographic books and the materials for your event along with the exclusive access to the discounted books for your whole group.

free holiday book for kids

So, do you want to host a special event for your Moms meet group? Well, you can take advantage of this superb opportunity that is exclusively for Mom Ambassadors, to host their very own National Geographic Holiday Book Boutique. It is an excellent way to introduce kids and the moms to the exclusive educational entertainment that the National Geographic has to offer and moreover you can even purchase a few holiday gifts too.

The free holiday book boutique kit offered by the National Geographic is packed with photos, fun and facts, providing you the perfect blend of “edu-tainment” for kids and parents both. So, if you want to get your children feel excited about learning then National Geographic books are a great place to begin with.

As this is a special holiday program, so to avail this you need to apply only if you are free to hold your meeting before December 15, 2014. This sampling is only valid for the Mom Ambassadors by invitation so if you are not a member yet then you need to apply to become a Mom Ambassador on the below mentioned link:

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