Free iPad games


Now, Download IGN the free game of the month – Kingdom Rush Frontiers available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Get your game now; prove that you are a true gamer and a true opportunist person. Never miss it.

Free iPad games

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About IGN

IGN (formerly Imagine Games Network) is an entertainment website founded by publishing executive Jonathan Simpson-Bint in September 1996, which focuses on video games, films, music and other media. The company is based in San Francisco, California. IGN’s main website comprises several specialty sites or “channels”, each occupying a subdomain and covering a specific area of entertainment; including major video game platforms, and other forms of entertainment such as television, comic books, and films.IGN is the flagship property of IGN Entertainment, which owns several other websites oriented towards male interests and gaming, such as GameStats, VE3D, TeamXbox, Vault Network, the now-defunct FilePlanet, and AskMen. IGN was sold to publishing company Ziff Davis in February 2013 and now operates as a J2 Global subsidiary.

In early 2014, IGN introduced a new policy, in which a game’s review score can be re-reviewed and improved, provided that continuous updates form a significant change in the game compared to how it was at launch. Examples of games in which they were re-reviewed were League of Legends and the pocket edition of Minecraft.


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