Free Kindle Books for Babies


Here is a great offer to make your child learn while play. At Amazon you will find a great selection of Free Kindle Books for Babies. Plus you can also the books about parenting or family life.

Free Kindle Books for Babies

These books are available to download for free and you can let your child read them on any of the digital devices be it smartphone, PC, laptop or you can read them on the Kindle app which you can download it for free.

You must remember that Kindle eBooks are not always free to download so you must check the price before you purchase.

Some of the Free Kindle eBooks for Babies are:

Book of Numbers: This book lets your child to learn numbers as each page of it contains numbers and lots of images which are enough to hold your child’s attention as you teach them

ABCs of Balls: It is a perfect alphabet book for preschool kids which make them learn ABCs in a fun way. It contains pictures of several sports such as baseball and football followed by the attractive color scheme which is loved by both boys and girls.

Can you find the hidden letters? : Another fantastic book to make your little kids learn to match the images at the bottom of the page with the picture. This book helps the kids to increase their skills in terms of identifying colors, shapes, objects.

Murky at the aquarium: This is another interesting book that is designed for the kids aged 1-5 years. The sole purpose of this book is to make the kids learn with word and picture recognition. It also lets them how to spell and can hold the attention of the kids with its colourful pictures.

There are many more books waiting for your kids that can help them to learn while having fun.

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