Free Kindle eBooks


Guys! You can get more Kindle eBooks for free. You can easily read the Free Kindle eBooks on your personal computer, smartphone, iPad or tablet. Plus you can also read these eBooks on the Kindle Application. And if the books say Free with Prime, it means that they are free only for the Amazon prime members.

Free Kindle eBooks

Some of the Free Kindle eBooks are:

High Rated Kindle eBooks

  • Forever Black by Sandi Lynn
  • Tarnished Knight by Bec McMaster
  • Caught Up In Us by Lauren Blakely

Cooking/Food Kindle eBooks

  • 35 Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes
  • The Greatest Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes In History: Fast, Easy & Delicious Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes You Will Love
  • 50 Superfoods Green Smoothie Recipes – 50 Nutritious, Healthy and Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes

Children’s/Teen Kindle eBooks

  • True Colors by Melissa Pearl
  • I Think My Mom’s a Superhero: Early Reader Superhero Fiction – Kids Read Along Books
  • Straight from the Heart

Drama/fiction Kindle eBooks

  • Claim 1: Volume One
  • Once Upon A Coffee
  • Badon Hill
  • The Tenth Muse

Thriller/Mystery/Action Kindle eBooks

  • Mind Game
  • The Murder Pit
  • Short Stories

Science Fiction Kindle eBooks

  • The Experiment
  • Recovery of a Colony Ship
  • World Glimpses: Parasite
  • Uroboros Saga Book 1

Religion Kindle eBooks

  • Jesus: A Hell of a Secret
  • Auras: Master the Art of Sensing, Seeing, and Knowing the Human Aura
  • Guardians of Magessa

Fantasy Kindle eBooks

  • Sole: A Blue Novella
  • Guardians of Magessa
  • AMEN to ROT I: Awaken
  • The Cactus Killer

Romance Kindle eBooks

  • Less Than Nothing by R.E. Blake
  • The Memory of You: Prequel by Laurie Kellogg

Horror Kindle eBooks

  • Vengeance By The Foot
  • Half-Made Girls: A Pitchfork County Novel
  • Elven Magic: Book 1, Fae the Fairy

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