Free Lighter Giveaways from Krome Cigar


Are you a smoker and aged above 21? If yes, having a lighter all the time must be very important to you. Here is the perfect freebie for you: Krome Cigar is giving out free lighters to all smokers aged above 21.

Free Lighter Giveaways from Krome Cigar

How to get your free lighter?

Follow the below steps below:

  • Visit the webpage and confirm your age. You must be over 21 to avail this offer. Once you enter your date of birth, click ‘Submit’.
  • On the next page, enter all your basic details such as
  1. First Name,
  2. Last Name,
  3. Email,
  4. Date of Birth,
  5. Address,
  6. City, and
  7. ZIP
  • The process is now complete; however, please note that the delivery time may take up to 4-6 weeks.

Krome Cigars:

Krome Cigars is a US brand famous for its wide variety of cigars. The company offers cigars in various flavors including sweet ruby, onyx blackberry, white grapes and almond liqueur. Their products are of high quality and let you enjoy your moment.

So no matter you are in a club or going on a long drive, keep the pack of Krome Cigars along with you and don’t forget to avail Free Lighter Giveaways from Krome Cigar.


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