Free “I Love Soil” Sticker


In order to get a Free “I Love Soil” Sticker you need to fill out the form from the soil science society of America that will contain your basic details followed by your entire mailing address.

Free I Love Soil Sticker

  • The soil science society of America welcomes your participation in their “I love soil” photo campaign.
  • Their mission was to actually see that across the world how many members are there with the “I love Soil” sticker.
  • You can even view the photos that each of the members has submitted by pointing to the map.
  • So, basically they rotate the pictures submitted by you on their soil sightings display and use them in media.

The most exciting point is that they will send you “I love soil” stickers that you can take along with you on your vacations, field work or the business trips. What you need to do is to take a picture when you are at your favourite spot, famous place or it can be at an amazing soil site that showcases the soil and teach people something about the science of soil and submit it to them electronically.

Moreover, you can also have the option to get stickers in another language but if no language is selected then they will send the stickers in English language. The soil science society of America is an international society that is progressively practicing the ways in to sustain the global soils. Further, it also guides you by providing useful info about the crop production, waste management, environment friendly, recycling and on many other topics.

So, if you also want to get free sticker then click on the following link:

Free “I Love Soil” Sticker


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One thought on “Free “I Love Soil” Sticker

  1. Karen Adams

    My brother’s birthday is in few days. He is big fan of free love soil society of America and this will make a perfect birthday gift for him. Great freebie sticker.

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