Free Medium Slurpee Giveaway


Get a free medium Slurpee at 7-Elevenwhen you text SIXFLAGS to 711711.  The supplies last end on 31st December, 2014.

Free Medium Slurpee Giveaway

If it is your first time doing text offers from 7-eleven you will receive a text reply Y and then you will get another text with a link to the coupon, and only click “Redeem Offer” when you are ready to use it, as Free Medium Slurpee Giveaway coupon is only valid for 15 minutes after that.

What’s a Slurpee?
If you’ve not had a Slurpee before, here’s what it is!

  • A Slurpee is a frozen flavoured drinkwhich is sold by the 7-Eleven company.
  • These drinks are the fuel for awesome.
  • This is the place to kick it with the best frozen drink the world has ever known.
  • You will simply love it but do you know that how many flavours there are? A lot!

Well, your favourite drink comes in so many varieties; it’s a marathon for your taste buds. But the good kind of marathon is where everything is delicious and you don’t have to train. You just need to stop in and select your old favourite or check out their limited time flavours. Moreover, you can even make your own combo to your heart’s desire.

To get Free Medium Slurpee Giveawaytext SIXFLAGS to 711711. That’s it.

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