Free Oxygen Magazine


Do you want to keep yourself fit and look smart no matter how old you are? Do you want to read expert guidance on ways and benefits of fitness for women, free of cost? Oxygen magazine is here, your free and comprehensive guide to the world of women health.

Free Oxygen Magazine

About the freebie:

This sample of Free Oxygen Magazine is a complete health and fitness guide for women of all ages, inspiring and motivating them to keep themselves fit and healthy.

It includes the ways and benefits of being fit, highlighting essential ingredients for your proper nutrition. This magazine shall not only guide you to different types of exercises you should do to keep your fitness at a strong level, it will also help you in suggesting nutrition input that you need to take to complement your workout.

How to receive your copy:

Just visit the website and follow three easy steps below to receive the copy of your Free Oxygen Magazine, along with 4 other publications of your choice:

1) Fill out your professional details as specified below:

  • Your work industry and sub industry;
  • Number of employees in your company and your level in the organization; and
  • Your profession and job function

2) Choose 4 publications of your choice from the available options, and

3) Fill in your personal details as specified below:

  • Name;
  • Address;
  • City;
  • Zip;
  • Email Address;
  • Year of Birth.
  • Job Title;
  • Name of Company; and
  • Business Phone

Submit all your details, receive your free copy in your email and discover the wealth of being fit.

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