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Ever wished to play the best games on your PC, free of cost? Here is a freebie for you: Get a free Chaos Domain Steam key from Indie gala, your solution to PC games.

Chaos Domain Steam


Just visit the webpage and ‘enter your email address’ in the tab on top of page to get your free key. You can also opt to get the newsletter if you so wish. After clicking redeem, you will be asked to ‘Join Indiegala Steam Group’. Click this and you will be re-directed to this page On the right side, click ‘Join Group’. Once you have joined the group, you can then register for Free PC Games Download Chaos Domain and start enjoying.

Note: Joining Indiegala Steam Group will automatically give you access to a pool of different games and offers, so that you don’t miss out on anything.

What is Chaos Domain?

Chaos Domain is an unreal Engine-powered 3D run and shooting game with spaceship as its battlefield. The game has following features that make it special for all players:

  • Classic game play, influenced by Contra series;
  • 30 levels of old school action;
  • Upgradable weapons and a range of unique abilities to choose from; and
  • Pure hardcore run and gun action.

So, don’t wait and get your free game version on your PC.


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