Free Perdue Coupon – Oven Ready Roast


Food is not just about eating. With Perdue, food has another dimension. Enjoy great food and agricultural products for free with Perdue. It is now or never. Get it now.

Free Perdue Coupon - Oven Ready Roast

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About Perdue

Perdue Farms is the family-owned parent company of Perdue Foods and Perdue Agribusiness. We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for everyone we touch through innovative food and agricultural products.Through our PERDUE®, HARVESTLAND® and COLEMAN NATURAL® food brands; through our agricultural products and services; and through our stewardship and corporate responsibility programs, we are committed to making Perdue the most trusted name in food and agricultural products.

Arthur W. Perdue, a hard working railway express agent on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, noticed that the most prosperous farmers were those shipping table eggs. He also noticed Pearl Parsons. In 1917, he wed Pearl, and decided to become a poultry man. Pearl tended a backyard flock of layers adjacent to the couple’s new home in Salisbury, while Arthur saved up enough money to go into the poultry business full time.


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