Free Personalized Bag of Lay’s Chips


Guys, do you want to have Free Personalized Bag of Lay’s Chips? Well, then this freebie is definitely for you.

Free Personalized Bag of Lay’s Chips

  • You can get a Personalized Bag of Lay’s Chips by submitting a photo of yourself in order to create a custom digital bag of Lay’s chips that will feature your photo
  • You will be entitled to receive a free digital copy of the custom lay’s chip bag within the period of 24-48 hours after the approval of your photo
  • If the officials will select your photo for printing on a real bag of lay’s chips then you will be entitled to receive the customized chip bag later in this summers.
  • This offer is only for the first 10,000 people that will register for this promotional offer
  • No photos other than JPEG and PNG format are acceptable
  • In order to print the best quality picture, the image resolution should be at least 1000px X 1000 px
  • Uploading copyrighted content or obscene images are not at all acceptable

In order to submit your photos successfully follow the steps given below:

  • Follow the instructions provided on the website carefully in order to upload your photo
  • Position your photo carefully within the frame on the bag displayed on the website
  • Once you have done positioning it, the next step is to provide a good caption to your photo and then click on the button that says “continue”
  • After clicking on the continue button you need to fill in the brief form by providing your basic details including your email and mailing address
  • After submitting the details, you will get notified within 24-48 hours regarding the approval of your photo

Frito-Lay is the leading division of the PepsiCo which markets, sells and manufactures potato chips, corn chips and several other snack foods. One of the primary snack food brands that are produced under the well-known brand Frito-Lay includes Cheetos cheese flavoured snacks, Lay’s and Ruffles potato chips, Fritos corn chips, Rold Gold pretzels, Doritos and Tostitos tortilla chips and Walkers potato crisps.

Through Frito-Lay products and its tremendous sales, PepsiCo is the largest globally distributed snack food company across the globe. Though the available product varies country by country but people indulging in their snacks and that is why they have become their all-time favourite snacks.

So, are you excited to have your picture on the pack of chips? Click on the below link to avail this offer:

Free Personalized Bag of Lay’s Chips

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