free personalized sticker from Toyota


Free personalized sticker

Toyota came up with something very special to its clients. It created a free fully personalized sticker. This brand new funny sticker gives you the opportunity to have your name on your Toyota car. This act identifies how much Toyota manufacturer is clever. Toyota is not a simple car; it is a person of your family since it has your name on it. When you are dealing with Toyota cars, try to go beyond the definition of “car”. Toyota cars are much more than simple cars.

free sticker from toyota

How to get it?

    • First, you have to go here and choose a name for your Toyota.
    • Be advised that Toyota can’t deliver badges containing profanity, brands and/or sport’s team names.
    • Then, just order the personalized badge with one click. Finally, stick it on your car and enjoy the experience and especially enjoy being a Toyota client.

How Toyota thanked its clients-

For the past ten years you picked us as your favorite brand and together we have experienced many trips and adventures. It´s time to thank you and also to celebrate that our Toyotas are more than just cars. Name your Toyota, get its personalized badge and let´s go together for more experiences!

Toyota sold over seven million vehicles in the fiscal year of 2012 and till now it is the first automotive manufacturer who has biggest sales ever. All of this doesn’t come from nothing. Toyota tries many times to be closer than ever to its clients which makes it one of the most successful automotive manufacturers ever.


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