Free Poster from Fluke Networks


Grab a Free Poster from Fluke Networks. The poster will explain the 802.11ac Network.

Free Poster from Fluke Networks

  • Get a free 802.11ac Poster by understanding the technology behind it
  • This offer is limited to the residents of the United States and Canada
  • It will take six to ten weeks for delivery to reach at your doorstep
  • You just need to fill in the brief form with your basic details along with the mailing address
  • A valid company name is required
  • The poster measures 36” x 24” (91 x 61 cm)

The 802.11 ac is a new technology that addresses the challenges which provide extreme stress on the WLAN especially in high density environments or bandwidth intensive applications which is used in for instance, video streaming etc. They also address the challenges caused by the LTE and helps in unleashing the entire power of LTE.

Fluke Networks and Fluke Biomedical are the sister organizations of the Fluke corporation.Fluke networks provide one of the best solutions that offer network deployment, troubleshooting, superior performance management including the performance monitoring and security.

Fluke Networks simplify the troubleshooting of the complex networks that people face while dealing with their day to day activities. They simplify the process and uncover the previously unnoticed problems. They deliver the best solutions in the field of IT Networking, Telecom and Datacom Cabling.

Fluke Networks is operating globally and provide service to the customers in more than one hundred and twenty countries. It is a division of Fluke Electronics Corporation and its 45% revenue is from outside the United States.

To simplify your complex networks with Fluke Networks 802.11 ac technology, request your free poster on the link below:

Free Poster from Fluke Networks


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2 thoughts on “Free Poster from Fluke Networks

  1. Brenda

    very nice freebie again, thank you guys, love your dedication to help every one out, applying for this one!

  2. Mary McGregor

    This poster is so darn cute. I just have to have it. I’ve already entered my information on several other freebies and I’m really impatient to see them arrive at my doorstep. They all look amazing by the way.

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