Free Pretzel from Philly Pretzel Factory


Philly Pretzel Factory is giving away 1 free Pretzel to every one! All you have to do is to join their mailing list. You do not have to purchase anything to be eligible for this giveaway. You can claim your free Pretzel At any Pretzel Factory location which is near by to you.

Check out the given website link in order to find your nearest store.

You can also participate in their “Guess the Score” contest on their facebook page to win a PPF party tray!

Free Pretzel from Philly Pretzel Factory

About Philly Pretzel Factory:
Philly Pretzel Factory is available in 150+ locations across USA. Founded in 1998 by Dan DiZio & Len Lehman, they are one of the best Pretzel makers with their unique Pretzel recipes.

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