Free Reciprocating Blade Samples from LENOX


Here is a freebie for you: Lenox is offering you a free reciprocating blade sample.

Free Reciprocating Blade Samples from LENOX

Follow the below instructions to get you free copy:

  1. Metal;
  2. Demolition; and
  3. Wood
  • After you have made your selection, click ‘Continue’,
  • Next, enter all your details such as First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email, Address, City, Postal Code, Country and Province. You also need to verify that you are aged 18 plus.
  • On the next page, answer all the questions, including your profession and the brand of blades you normally use. Click ‘Continue’.
  • Answer further questions relating to the use of blades that you make. Continue
  • On the next page, confirm your shipping address and ‘Submit your blade request’.

Note: You can also opt to participate in Lenox research and sign up to receive information from Lenox.

Lenox Blades:

Lenox Tools is the name for providing all types and sizes industrial blades. The Company is accredited by ISO 9001 and has been developing premium performance tools, for both domestic and industrial purposes, for more than 90 years.

So if you are someone who makes use of different blades regularly, on or off the work, this offer is just the right for you. Hurry up and get your Free Reciprocating Blade Samples from LENOX.


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