Free Samples of Dog Food


Do you have pets at home? If yes, then this offer can make your pets too happy because they can get free samples of delicious food for themselves.

Free Samples of Dog Food

  • You can get a free dog and cat Life force super nutrition nuggets sample
  • You just need to click on the button that says “Add to cart” and then checkout
  • You are allowed to request only one sample per order
  • Further, you need to fill the basic details and proceed to checkout
  • The offer of Free Samples of Dog Food is available only for the residents of Canada and United States
  • Your sample will take few weeks to reach at your doorstep
  • The sample size consists of four nuggets

Life force super nutrition nuggets sample is packed with all the necessary non GMO fresh ingredients that are considered perfect to deliver the 100% bio available nutrition for the pets. These types of food are recommended for optimal health and also help in preventing the disease. Moreover, the super nutrition nuggets are simply loved by cats and dogs.

These nuggets are approved by the vet and each ingredient which is used in the formation of nuggets has been carefully selected and provides tremendous benefits. That is why it results in a delicious food which is extremely rich in nutrition.

It contains the list of fresh ingredients:

  • Vital minerals and vitamins
  • Probiotics
  • It contains the necessary fatty acids
  • Rigorously tested by Veterinarian for optimal health
  • It can be softly chewed
  • It is quite rich in natural ingredients
  • The weight of one nugget is approx. 3.5 grams
  • It also has essential digestive enzymes

At Animal Wellness Market, you can get a variety of nutrient rich food for your cats and dogs. To avail the free sample click on the below link:

Free Samples ofDog Food


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One thought on “Free Samples of Dog Food

  1. Susan

    I love my dog very much so I always try to provide him dog food that is not only nutritious but also tasty. And you won’t believe he simply love the nuggets. Thanks for this doggly offer 🙂

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