Free Samples of Southern Breeze Tea


How about Free Samples of Southern Breeze Tea? This freebie is giving you sweet tea sample packs for free.

Free Samples of Southern Breeze Tea

  • You can enter into this contest to win the Free Southern Breeze Sweet Tea Sample by just filling the brief form with your basic details followed by the mailing information
  • They are distributing 10,000 prizes
  • Southern Breeze is offering sample packs for free of their original sweet tea for you and for your friend
  • You need to fill in another person’s name in the column that says “who do you want to share the sweetness with” in order to win the samples
  • This offer is valid only for the people who are residing in the United States
  • There is a limit of one sample per person per email address per household
  • The first ten thousand lucky people will win the Southern Breeze samples

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea as the name suggests is truly inspired by the South. This sweet tea by southern breeze keeps you relaxed and gives you a refreshing breeze to carry out the daily chores with ease.

It is a perfect combo of hospitality and refreshment which contains real leaves of tea in a bag that you can put in hot water, brew, steep, chill and then experience its amazing taste. Moreover, the sweetener in the bag contains zero calories so you don’t have to worry about your weight while drinking this tea.

The ingredient that makes the Southern Breeze Sweet Tea extremely special and amazing is none other than the sweetener in the tea bag. This sweetener allows you to quench your thirst which makes you feel refreshed.

The other most important thing it contains is the real tea leaves which can be found in each of the tea bag of Southern Breeze Tea. These things ensure that each of the cups of tea provides you sweetness and the amazing flavour so that you will crave another cup of tea. Because the taste and aroma of a particular thing can only attract you to itself and southern breeze provide you the right product to which you can crave for without worrying about your weight issues as the sweetener in the tea bag contains zero calories.

So, how many of you are ready to enjoy the sweetness of the Southern Breeze Sweet Tea? Click on the link below to grab free samples of tea:

Free Samples of Southern Breeze Tea

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