Free Shower Gel from Rituals


Hey Guys! The free rituals Zensation foaming shower gel will be going live on 7th January, 2015 at Noon Eastern Time for the first five hundred people that enter this contest.

Free Shower Gel from Rituals

Make sure you submit the form at the correct time and that is at Noon Eastern Time to get Free Shower Gel from Rituals.

You can lather yourself in the amazing and luxurious gel to foam shower sensation. This Zensation product combines the rice milk, which is itself a natural and effective ingredient that provides ultimate nourishment to the skin. Thus, leaving the skin silky soft.

This foaming shower gel sensation consists of absolutely unique gel to foam technology.

You just need to squeeze a little amount of this amazing gel into your hand. Its contact with water completely transforms the gel in to a rich, relaxing foam. Massage in to slightly wet skin and enjoy the rich foaming sensation on your skin.

The great philosophy of Rituals that sets it apart is that happiness can be found in the smallest things. Since 2000, it has been creating a plethora of luxurious products that are specially designed to meet every day routines and transform it into relaxing and soothing experiences.

Its product ranges cover everything from body to facial care, perfumes, candles, kitchen, and even tea. This brand is also famous for it’s amazingly quality that their entire range of products are environmentally friendly and never tested on animals.

Click on the link below to try their products yourself:

Free Shower Gel from Rituals


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One thought on “Free Shower Gel from Rituals

  1. Loria Davenport

    The Rituals have some of the most amazing product and I’ve tried most of them. With your great giveaway I will try their free shower gel also. I think this is great brand that needs to be supported more. Thanks for giveaway, really cool.

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