Free Single-Serve Sample of Schar Bonta d’Italia Pasta


Good News! Schar is offering a Single-Serve Sample of Schar Bonta d’Italia Pasta totally free to all its club members. And if you are not a Schar club member yet, then you simply need to follow the instructions to request your free sample of pasta.

free pasta schar club

In order to get the free sample of pasta you need to sign up for the Schar club which is totally free. And then you can claim your sample by filling the short form that includes your name and mailing address.

Schar club will send you the following things:

  • Single Serve Penne sample
  • $1 Schar Coupon
  • I love a Celiac Sticker

Only one sample per Schar club is allowed and no purchase is necessary. It will take four weeks to deliver. So, hurry up while supplies last.

Schar club is providing a big benefit to all its trusted members and they want to thank their members through their giveaways. The schar Bonta d’Italia pasta is made with delicious and nutritious millet nad now available in a bold blue package. In fact, their pasta won the 2014 Sapore dell’Anno award for one of the best tasting pasta in Italy. With schar club, you will have access to the biggest gluten free living community worldwide and to the various informative articles along with a professional advice at the single click of mouse. Moreover, you can also interact or chat with the people from across the North America.

So, hurry up and grab your free sample of pasta by clicking on the below link:

Free Pasta Sample

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