Free Sinus Rinse Kit


NeilMed is offering the following two products for free.

  • Free NeilMed Neti Pot; and
  • Free NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit

Free Sinus Rinse Kit

How to avail this offer:

Just follow these simple instructions below and receive the free product at your doorstep within 30 days:

  • Visit  and select “Free NeilMed Neti Pot”. A separate Facebook page will open.
  • free sinus rinse kit is available on this link
  • Read the declaration and click on ‘Click here to request your free Sinus Rinse Bottle or NasaFlo with two packets’. It will redirect to a page where you have to ‘click to continue’.
  • Fill out your basic details such as i) First Name, ii) Last Name, iii) Email, iv) Any NeilMed product you use and v) Where did you hear about NeilMed offer.
  • After entering all the required information, the page will redirect you to a number of informative slides for your reading.
  • Read all 17 slides because at the end of it, you will be presented with a quiz. However, you will have to complete all your basic details.
  • Choose the free product, from option 1 or 2 above, that you wish to receive.
  • Answer all 20 questions of the quiz and on successful completion, provide your feedback and you will receive the product in about 30 business days.

What do these products do?

Both the above offers are flagship products of NeilMed, which is the # 1 brand in North America for large volumes saline nasal irrigation devices. These products help patients in alleviation of nasal and sinus symptoms in an easy to use manner along with being economical and widely available.


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