(Free) Turn Your Photo Into a Cartoon!


you Love Cartoons? Here’s your chance to get a totally amazing freebie!

Turn Your Photo Into a Cartoon. You can Show it to your friends & family & even share it on social networks. Sounds fun, right? This isn’t some software generated Cartoon, but created by photoshop artists it takes quite a bit of work!


Steps To Claim This Freebie:

  1. Share: Share Our Link on Your Facebook: http://www.samplesmom.com/free-sketch/
  2. SignUp: The Site where we will be claiming this freebie is called fiverr, So Sign Up On Fiverr Using This Link (must use this link to get the freebie)
  3. Order: Once You’ve signed up on Fiverr, Click Here Order This Cartoon Gig On Fiverr (Ordering Costs $5.50 But Don’t Worry, you’ll get it back in Next Step!)
  4. CashBack: Once you order a Gig, Post a Comment On our Website, With Your Fiverr ID & Your Paypal Id. You will get back $5.50 in Paypal Within 24 Hours!
  5. Done: That’s It! You will get your money back & You can enjoy this Professional Artwork. Post it On Facebook/Instagram Show it to Family & Friends!

Got Any Questions? Post A comment Below & We Will Answer On Your Email!

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