Free Sticker from Gear Aid


Get a Free Sticker from Gear Aid and be a gear repair superhero. This is your badge. It’s your gear. Slap some vinyl on it complements of Gear Aid. They will ship your free sticker anywhere in the U.S., and you can take it with you on adventures around the world.

Free Sticker from Gear Aid

You just need to fill the short form including your basic info and telling about your interests along with mailing information.

So, whether you’re around the town, climbing a mountain, or exploring crystal clear waters, they have got you covered. They manufacture over 100 products that help provide a better experience outdoors; products that are tested and proven in the most extreme environments so that you know they’ll work anywhere. McNett’s family of brands help you drink water anywhere, get more from your gear, improve your odds in the field and travel smarter.

McNett’s wants you to be a master of gear repair, with the knowledge you need to eliminate soggy feet, leaking tents and deflated sleeping pads—and save the day. The gear aid products are available in four categories:

  • Repair
  • Waterproof
  • Clean & Deodorize
  • Replacement Parts

You will find each and every product which you need as Mcnett provides all the necessary products whether it is a Seam Grip Field Repair Kit or Rubber boot saver. So, you can also grab a badge and become a gear repair superhero. In order to get advantage of this freebie click on the below mentioned link:

Free Sticker from Gear Aid


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One thought on “Free Sticker from Gear Aid

  1. Halli Lewis-Fernandez

    Perfect freebie for me. I love going outdoors and there is always something that needs quick fixing. I’m sure these free stickers will come in handy when I go camping next time. And also, they look so cute. Thanks!

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